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解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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日時 KIN 237  月の月(1)19:19:11 (2006年8月23日)
タイトル Blog number 2 from Jose Arguel
内容 It is the first day of the Lunar Scorpion Moon of
Challenge, around 8 in the morning. I am sitting at
the writing table of a room in the Dunedin City Hotel,
in the heart of downtown Dunedin. Most people have
probably never heard of this city, the farthest South
major city on the South Island, and therefore the
closest to Antarctica. Yesterday we had a an Antarctic
weather front, and you could tell that there is
nothing but cold South Pacific Ocean between Dunedin
and Antarctica.
But cold really only means wind and rain and some
sleet but very little snow.
Dunedin looks like a city in Scotland, and the center
is built around a beautiful Octagon. The people love
their coffee houses here. Dunedin is also the home of
the oldest university in New Zealand, the University
of Otago.My apprentice, Stephanie Red Queen, and
myself enjoy the Library of this University which has
many excellent reference encyclopedias useful in our
research for the next volumes of the Cosmic History

Once we have completed our business in Dunedin, in a
few hours we will be on our way to Central Otago and
the Lakes Region, which is very mystical and magical
country - Lord of the Rings country. We will stay in a
cottage near one of the lakes for a two week work
retreat. Near by the cottage is Gibbston Valley, where
we have found the perfect site for the Galactic
Research Institute. We are told that this is near the
scene in the Lord of The Rings where the “Pillars of
the Kings” was filmed. We are in negotiation now for
this beautiful piece of house, but still need more
financial assistance. We are also in the process of
establishing residency in New Zealand. These are great
challenges which cause us to rise to new creative
heights, so of course we enjoy every bit of the
journey. There are many reflections we have been
gathering about life in this remote and
breathtakingly beautiful land - reflections about the
culture of globalization, and the remaining true
nature that exists in our fragile biosphere. These
reflections take us to Brazil, and the Congress of
Biospheric Rights which will begin in another four
But that is another matter. For the moment it is
getting ready for the drive through the mystic hills
and lemurian memories in stone that dot the South
Island countryside. Since today is Red Electric Earth
- I activate in order to evolve - and we have entered
the matrix of navigation, it is the perfect day for
the next stage of our galacticjourney.
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