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KIN 11  
解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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日時 KIN 157  銀河の月(13)20:10:36 (2007年2月19日)
タイトル New Sirius Cycle 1.19. 8.13, k
内容 New Sirius Cycle 1.19. 8.13, kin 157
Day 209 of Kin 209 year

Dateline New Zealand.

“Aotearoa “is the Maori name for New Zealand. That means “the Long White Cloud.” You can see that cloud, often early in the morning, like a long writhing serpent weaving in and out of the mountains on the far side of Lake Wakatipu.Then, as the sun rises over the Remarkable Mountains, as far as you can gaze across the Lake, there is nothing – only raw mountainsides and craggy peaks stretching into the far distance. This part of New Zealand is like that, often spreading for miles with no habitations. This is still a largely pristine slice of the planet landscape.

We are in the middle of the Southern Lakes District in the middle of the South Island. We are on top of the great upheaval of mountains that marks the line where the Australian tectonic plate meets the Pacific tectonic plate. The pressure of these two plates pushing up against each other for millions of years produced this land.According to Maori legend the South island of New Zealand is the remnant of a great Waka – boat – of the gods called Aotea Mai Rangi which, in the long ago time, was shattered by great waves and broke apart. For thirteen days and thirteen nights the hull of the great boat, still afloat, sailed south. Finally, in an act of magical mercy, Io Mata Ngaro the Supreme One, immortalized the crew and the hull by turning them into stone. That is today the South island. The North Island is the form a wondrous Sting Ray that was sent to swim behind the great Waka of the gods.

If you take a drive down the South Pacific coast side of the South Island, north of the city of Dunedin at Moeraki, you will find fascinating spherical boulders strewn along a stretch of beach. These, the story has it, are members of the crew of that great legendary boat. In the vast horizons of mountain, cloud and sea, it is not hard to recall the dream, or to remember another future. You are far away here from the storm clouds of war. However, there are the icebergs floating up from Antarctica, seen not far from Moerakii, a most unusual – and ominous - sign. The world is heating up – how long will this go on? And how will it affect this far away island kingdom, where the legends still touch the sky?
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