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解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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日時 KIN 6  電気の月(2)06:08:29 (2006年9月21日)
タイトル It is now the first day of the
内容 It is now the first day of the Electric Moon, Red Overtone Serpent. In two days the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights will begin.

Despite many challenges, everything is coming together, though we will miss the presence of certain people, including representatives of PAN Japan.

What is this Congress?

It is the intersection of a flow of cosmic energy from the higher levels of reality and the momentum of cosmic evolution itself.

We are now at the point of planetary crisis when the structure of the noosphere must be articulated and from the midst of chaos its transcendent form be perceived in the purest clarity.

We are expecting that the voices that will speak and the energy that will be gathered here in Brasilia will receive the imprint of cosmic necessity, and that the new organs of human communication and social organization will emerge from this event. Know that a pin-point of cosmic light is now being focused through the Temple of Good Will in Brasilia.

Please center your energy on this focus of light.

To be continued -Valum Votan
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