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KIN 11  
解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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日時 KIN 6  銀河の月(17)12:03:04 (2008年2月23日)
タイトル Here is brief message
内容 Dear Yanase-san,

Konichi- wa!

We are now down to the last minute getting ready for our trip. We are very exctied to comet to Japan. There is a Big messsge for all of us during this time we will be in Japan. Best visit ever, we are sure.

1. Here is brief message:

Everywhere in the world people are receiving the messages from the biosphere, and also, many people are openingto the cosmic messages from the noosphere. At the same time, most people are still very busy with their lives in the world of the comptuer and the machine - the cybersphere. So there is much inforrmation but little unity. In the midst of all this activity, people may feel that time is changing very fast, which it is. Very soon there will be a new time. Many people who feel this speeding up of time become aware of the date of 2012. This is the time of the Great Change. We must now begin to listen more and get ready. Everything will change by 2012. It will be the galactic time of the noosphere. It will not be the same as now. There will be galactic communication and new ways of doing things. The best way to prepare is to unify and learn about what is happening, what is the noosphere? and decide what to do - together. Just as the Earth is One, so oour mind is one. This one mind is the mind of the Earth, the noosphere. Soon the noosphere will be born. Only people with some idea of Buddha's compassioante mind of enlightenment can really understand this, but, still,we must help all sentient beings undertand this. We will accomplish this because it is all about the new Time, and Time is on our side.

Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan sensei
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