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日時 KIN 10  銀河の月(21)07:10:26 (2008年2月27日)
タイトル Human Consciousness and Global
内容 The following document about the noosphere is in preparation for our visit.
This short document introduces "noosphere" in relation to global warming/ climate change, a very important point.

Thank you,
VV and RQ

Human Consciousness and Global Climate Change.

The latest scientific reports (December 11. 2007)tell us that the Arctic ice cap is melting faster than thought. It will now be gone by the end of the summer 2012 - and not in 2040 as previously predicted. That is quite a leap backward in time. But the time is significant - 2012, the destned year of the Mayan prophecy which concludes the present 5125 year cycle - the cycle of history.

What is causing the speeding up of the global climate change, if not human consciousness? It is the human consciousness that came up with the idea of industrialization based on the burning of fossil fuels. And it is the human consciousness that can change this. But we need emergency solutions. To really affect a rapid change we need first of all to change human thinking and human consciousness.And if we have the methods to change human consciousness quickly, we should follow through and support such efforts. This is the aim and purpose of the Foundation for the Law of Time's Noosphere II Project ( What is the noosphere?

In 1944, V.I Vernadsky, Russian scientist and champion of the biosphere wrote:

"The historic process is changing dramatically before our eyes ... Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity's mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking mankind as a single entity. This new state of the we are approaching without noticing it is the "Noosphere'".

Let us then consider that just as the biosphere is the unified field of life and its support systems on this planet, so the noosphere is the field of the human mind, not yet fully unified nor made conscious. By making the noosphere fully conscious and unified we may develop the collective resolve and new solutions to deal with the crisis now threatening human civilization.

This new condition is inevitable and is what awaits us in 2012. By understanding this and supporting the efforts to make the noosphere conscious we are supporting the efforts of evolving into a "freely thinking mankind as a single entity." This is what will solve the problem - a new state of consciousness.

The CREST13 project of the Foundation for the Law of Time www.lawoftime.orgis aglobal experiment in human synchronization to test the capacity for establishing a telepathic network inpreparation for the coming of the noosphere. We have tried to change everything else, but unless we change the way we think, as Einstein declared, we will continue to drift aimlessly into catastrophe.

Please consider that the scientific change in consciousness can quickly spread to the whole planet and provide the change in thinking that we need to deal with our problems in a fresh, creative and meaningful way. Global climate change? It is a problem of human consciousness. The noosphere is the change in human consciousness that will supersede the consciousness that created the problem - by 2012, no less. Think about it..

Noosphere II Project, Galactic Research Institute - Foundation for the Law of Time
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