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KIN 11  
解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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Dali Seli Gamma Kali Alpha Limi Silio
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日時 KIN 20  太陽の月(3)13:17:08 (2008年3月9日)
タイトル We have been in Japan almost 2
内容 We have been in Japan almost 2 weeks. We came here to make an opening for the noosphere. This is Jose's 10th visit to Japan in 13 years.
Like the rest of the world, Japan is only going faster. Along with the message of the noosphere is the message of 2012. Now the time is very short. In 4 years, the cycle of history will close. Trying to communicate what this means is not always easy because many people are still too attached to materialism and to their own way of thinking without considering a Greater Plan.

In the middle of all of this we make a call for unity. there is only one planet, one mind, one noosphere and only one 13 moon, 28-day synchronemeter, which measures the synchronic order.

We are acutely aware of the fact that in the cybersphere, feedback is instantaneous. Anyone can say anything they want immediately. This is why we generally choose not to blog. In the cybersphere, there are too many hastily expressed thoughts and opinions, which only reflect the state of mind of the person who wrote it. We are teaching natural mind meditation precisely for this reason. We all need to slow down and calm our thoughtwaves so that our mind becomes like the ocean on a tranquil day--then we can feel the depths and maybe find that there is not too much to say.

These are just some reflections. We know 2012 is very close and the noosphere is approaching. One mind--Unity--this is the universal plan of unification.

Sarvam Mangalan--May all sentient beings be well and happy!
Mitakuye Oyasin--All my relations
Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
In the praise of the Hunab Ku experience the unity of mind and nature!
May the Truth Prevail!
In Lak'ech

Jose-Valum Votan and Stephanie-Red Queen
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