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日時 KIN 104  水晶の月(3)22:53:59 (2008年6月1日)
タイトル Valum Votan, Blog Crystal Moon
内容 Valum Votan, Blog Crystal Moon 3, Kin 104 Yellow Cosmic Seed


Last night I listened to the evening world news report. From one point of view It was alarming. The report was actually on the television but the reception is bad where we currently are in the Australian “bush” - so we sit huddled by a broken TV that has jagged flashes of light on the screen while voices speak to us from Chine, from Uganda, from Myanmar Burma, from Spain, from Canada, from wherever the 12:60 world is breaking apart.

We have been listening like this on and off for the past moon. First it was the volcano in Chile. That was the signal. Then it was the cyclone Nargis in Burma. That event is now complicated by politics while untold thousands of people suffer and die. Then it was the earthquake in Sichuan province, China. Already 5 million are homeless, while another million are currently being evacuated because of fears of massive flooding due to continuously heavy rain drenching the disaster zone. There are also fears of radioactive leakage due to the number of nuclear facilities in the area. From northern Canada came the report that it is now definitive: The Arctic polar ice cap is breaking up – sooner than predicted, of course.As the American economy continues its downward plunge, food supplies in Africa are running short; Monsanto and Bill Gates are moving in with the remedy: GMO. But in the past week was perhaps the biggest news of all. The world’s oil supply is dwindling. This too has was been long predicted.

In The Final Energy Crisis, (Pluto Press, London and Ann Arbor, 2005) Andrew McKillop and Sheila Newman put together a series of studies detailing what is now happening. In fact, they pinpoint the beginning of the crisis to 2008-09 when the oil reserves begin to dwindle. This is already creating social chaos as truck drivers and fisherman across Europe and elsewhere have begun to stage massive strikes and protests because of the prohibitively high price of petrol. Finally, in contrast, one last report, (presented also as a photograph in the newspapers): A helicopter spots a lost and unknown tribe in the far reaches of the Brazilian Amazon. Like some strange movie scene, six warriors shout at the helicopter, their bows and arrows at the ready. Fears are expressed that they too may go extinct as loggers encroach their sacred grounds.

This is a mosaic of the world today. If it looks like this now – what will it be like in 2012? There is only one real message to the steamroller of events during the Spectral Moon:WE HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME! This Civilization is now finished. A new world leadership is needed to rise to the occasion and inform the world that the old time is over and a new and better time is now about to dawn – the noosphere. But we must act NOW.
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