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日時 KIN 36  自己存在の月(4)07:14:51 (2006年10月21日)
タイトル Blog from Votan
内容 This morning we are sitting at yet another Latin American Internet Cafe. This one is in the town of La Serena on the North Central Pacific Coast of Chile. We are facing the ocean. As with most mornings here, the sky is overcast, but the waves roll softly up on to the beach, which is mostly vacant except an occasional horse and rider and some joggers. We've ended up here, trying to catch up with ourselves, after what no appears was a whirlwind tour of Brazil, Argentina and Chile. I hadn't been to Brazil and Argentina for five years, and it was seven years since I had been to Chile. For the Red Queen, it was her first visit.

While the Biospheric Congress was the main focus in Brazil, a secondary event was the visit to Alto Paraiso, north of Brasislia where we went to inaugurate the CREST coordinating center with a small Brazilian team to be headed by Vandir Natal Casagrande. The CREST center will be near by in a vast land that is reminiscent of the steppes of Asia or the African Savanna. A truly beautiful land. Buenos Aires, two days later was a great contrast to the rural tranquillity of Alto Paraiso. While the town of Alto Paraiso is a quaint Brazilian rural community, distinguished as the "New Age" capitol of Brazil, Buenos Aires is truly one of the great cities of the world - the Paris of Latin America. The Argentine tour arranged by Claudia Gomez, was very well arranged, with standing room only audiences at the Astral Theater in Buenos Aires and the Hall of the King in Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city. We were impressed by the great numbers of people, many interviews and growing popularity of the Thirteen Moon calendar in Argentina. Before heading for Chile, we spent a few days at Capilla del Monte, the Alto Paraiso of Argentina, nearby to which will be another CREST center, as well as Epuyen, the 13:20 community in the spectacular mountain country of Patagonia.

Chile had changed tremendously in the seven years since I had last visited. Santiago, the national capitol, appeared to have many new freeways and many new skyscraper bank buildings - very strong G-7 influence - like Los Angeles. We learned that Chile is the laboratory for new technologies and marketing concepts, accounting fro teh almost science fiction quality of the business atmosphere. In contrast, I presented at three universities on the theme of the biosphere-noosphere transition, again to overflowing audiences, which included many key people fom Chilean meda and intellectual circles. But the conclusion to all of this was the three day seminar, "Preparing for the Noosphere," held in the Elqui valley in the foothills of the Andes of North Central Chile. While the valley is beautiful it is dominated by industrial agribusiness. The seminar itself was the opportunity to present the natural mind meditation, and much new information on the noosphere based on a new comprehensive graphic I created, entitled "The Place of the Noosphere in the Cosmos." But for me, after so many years, this was the last seminar. More effective ways of communicating need to be discovered. And we still need to settle in New Zealand. So we shall see what happens next ....
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