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KIN 11  
解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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日時 KIN 201  宇宙の月(22)10:24:06 (2006年7月18日)
タイトル First BLOG
内容 Cosmic Moon 22, Kin 201,13 Seed year
First Blog

It has been two weeks (heptads) to the day since Stephanie Red Queen and I
arrived in New Zealand. In Maori langauge New Zealand is Aotearoa which
meanss "Land of the Long Cloud." After exploring Auckland for two days we
met with a native elder, Graham Tatana. Graham is descended from the First
People who are known as the Waitaha. They were here long before the Maori
came here about a thousand years ago. Their traditions are very cosmic. They
followed the ancient one Tane Mahuta and followed in the footsteps of the
god of peace, Rongo Roa Marae. It was very good to receive the blessings of
a representative of the First people.

After a week or so on the North Island drinking in the vibrations of the Bay
of Plenty and the hot volcanic pools of Rotorua, we headed for the South
Island. We are now in the city of Christchurch which is vibrant and artistic
with many Asian people, and signs in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Now we
know we are on a galactic adventure.Using money we got from selling our
car in America we now have a 1999 car imported from Japan. We will set off
tomorrow in search of the correct site for the GRI - Galactic Research
Institute. The people here are the friendliest and most trusting people in
the world. We know that as I write these words in the Middle East and other
parts of the world there is anything but peace. Our mission here is to
establish an outpost of galactic peace meditations so we can begin to
transmit the galactic mind streams to the planet and begin to lift the
consciousness into the noosphere. Every day we know we are in a place we
have never been before. We must trust and follow only the signs of the
synchronic order, knowing that we are projected from the future and
retracing our steps to where we came from.

We have read many of the emails from Japanese kin in support of us. We are
very thankful. It is only six years to 2012 and this is my first blog.

Signing off for now with vibrations of universal love!

Jose Valum Votan
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