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タイトル important reflections on the s
内容 Planetary Whole System Design Science: A Contribution to WorldShift 2012,

Dr. Jose A. Arguelles, Director Galactic Research Institute, Foundation for the Law of Time, Honorary Member Club of Budapest.

The movement “Planet of People – the New Humanity’” unifies in a spiritual and ethical field all citizens living in our world who have recognized the importance of moving in communion and who are aware that the World is a cosmic ship carrying in its cabin all Mankind – thus also comprehending that those who rule it have to be people who are not only well-educated but also persons of high spiritual values, capable of carrying the responsibility of generations to come. The construction of such a ship and its management has to be carried out in a totally scientific noospheric field – as though one was constructing a satellite to be sent to space.
Liubov Gordina, “Global Strategic Initiative of World Civil Society: Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind” (2009)

Planetary Whole System Design Science –Global Survival and the
Path of Unification

The recent United Nations Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming (December 8-18, 2009) was a failure of the collective human will to act decisively in the face of a life-threatening crisis. This is because the present world leadership represents various levels of competing or conflicting interests that could not be resolved. None of the leadership at the Copenhagen conference seemed to neither comprehend the Earth as a whole system nor be able to speak on its behalf above all personal or collective self-interest.

The fact is, that unless there is a world leadership committed in its decision making process to principles of a planetary whole system design science, the human species will forfeit its future.

There are now but three years to find such a leadership willing to adopt and implement these principles.Even if such leadership cannot be gathered, it is nonetheless necessary to articulate the principles of a comprehension of the Earth as a single unified system. The elementary principles of a post- or meta-nationalistic thinking – planetary whole system design science – must be defined in light of the geological transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, and of the inexorable path of cosmic evolution, which is toward ever-greater states of conscious unification.

Planetary Whole System Design Science: Premise

The Earth is a whole system consisting of various interactive and interdependent spheres. The operating dynamic governing the whole of these spheres – from the lithosphere to the magnetosphere – does not recognize political boundaries. The sum of the whole system operations that make the Earth what it is possesses an integrity to which all the subsystems contribute and support each other. The birds in the wind, and the dolphins in the ocean do not require passports to pass from one bioregion to another. The arbitrariness of many national boundaries not only contradicts natural law, but furthers any number of debilitating fictions which exacerbate the present global crisis. From Earth’s perspective nationalism and its boundaries are not scientific nor in accord with the actual terrestrial order.

Planetary Whole System Design Science is based on scientific principles that recognize the planet and all its subsystems as an integrated whole. Until the human species accepts the simple fact that it is an integral part of a whole system far greater than the sum of its parts and abandons its egotistical and tribal/nationalistic beliefs of personal and collective territoriality, it faces certain catastrophe.

In support of the no boundary perspective, a further corollary in the whole system assessment is that intelligence is a planetary phenomenon and not the property of any human, individual or collective. Earth’s electromagnetic field is the medium and conductor of intelligence at a planetary scale, for enfolded within it is the operating mechanism of the noosphere, the psi bank.

Planetary Whole System Design Science: Definition

The interdisciplinary science of planetary whole system design is predicated on the perception of the Earth as a living, evolving whole system, consisting of six major mutually interactive and interdependent subsystems:

1. Lithosphere (geosphere) - from the crystal-magma iron core and the various mantles, up to and including the tectonic plates and life-supporting land masses. Originally there was but one land mass – Pangaia - that slowly broke apart to become the continents we know today.

2. The hydrosphere - the unified ocean as well as the lakes and river systems – there is actually only one ocean and all water molecules are the same, H20. All water is divided into either saline or fresh water.

3. The atmosphere – the dynamic convection systems and currents of air that determine and control the weather patterns, includes the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere inclusive of the ionosphere, the “thermostatic regulator” of the weather; linked with the hydrosphere conducts the water cycle.

4. Biosphere – some twelve miles thick, the sphere of life as a unitary phenomenon spread evenly around the globe unifies the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, and represents the vitalization of matter, inclusive of the inorganic cycles and systems that support it. All of life forms a single unitary system governed by the same DNA. The human and its global civilization, the technosphere, are a subset of this system.

5. The magnetosphere – Earth’s magnetic fields extending outwards from its two magnetic poles includes the ionosphere, the two radiation belts, and the plasmic sheathe and tail extending 40,000 miles into interplanetary space. It is governed by the solar sun spot cycle and is the link between human intelligence and the cosmosphere – the expansive medium of universal space or akasha.

6. The noosphere – the planetary thinking layer - largely the operation of the most recent biological stratum of the biosphere, the human, the noosphere includes a preliminary conscious human and a conclusive super conscious, superhuman phase. The conscious formation of the noosphere involves an artificial middle term, the technosphere, concluded by the information sheathe known as the cybersphere, or virtual noosphere. It is governed by an information storage and retrieval system called the psi bank, located between the two radiation belts. Just as life is a unitary biological phenomenon, so the noosphere is a unitary phenomenon of intelligence – a semantic field of universal consciousness.

The six principle systems define an evolutionary trajectory from inert mineral condensation, to liquid expansion, to gaseous, oxygenated atmospheric cycles that are thermically and electrodynamically activated, to the vitalization of matter (biological systems), and, finally, to the point at which matter sustains consciousness as a planetary phenomenon – the noosphere.

While the science of planetary whole system design is concerned in general with the interaction of all the systems upon each other, its specific focus is the transitional role played by the human in what is referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition defines the present moment as the apex of the planetary evolutionary design process, as it is everywhere evident that the thinking element has attained a geologically impactful status, e.g., global warming. According to the biosphere-noosphere hypothesis, this effect of human thought on the planetary whole system is a sign of the commencement of the next major evolutionary shift, from the biosphere to the noosphere.

While the biosphere as such will still obviously exist, it is the mental activity of the planet that will be the dominant factor in the next stages of evolution.The very notion of noosphere redefines consciousness as being planetary in nature. It also connects the planetary thinking layer with the radiation belts of the electromagnetic field. The actual link of the noospherewith the human bio-organism is through the electromagnetic brain waves and the biomagnetic field (aura).

In 1944, V. I. Vernadsky wrote, “Statesmen should be aware of the present elemental process of transition of the Biosphere into the Noosphere. The fundamental property of biogeochemical energy is clearly revealed in the growth of the free energy of the biosphere with geological time, especially in relation to the transition into the noosphere. … Only man transgresses the established order … upsets the equilibrium, though whether he materially cripples the transforming mechanism or merely redistributes it, we cannot at the moment be sure.”

What Vernadsky cautioned about over sixty years ago, we are now witnessing as an alarming crisis of potentially catastrophic proportions. While statesmen and politicians are slowly waking up to the reality of global warming, the failure of the Copenhagen Global Warming Conference has demonstrated that a much greater education process is needed in order to understand that climate change and the crisis of civilization are both aspects of a much larger event - the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The point is that we have arrived at the moment when it is necessary to restructure the human society in order that it may become reintegrated with the planet as a living organism. The present human civilization has its roots in modes of thought and behavior that predate the knowledge and experience of the planet as a whole system spinning on its axis on a precise orbit around the sun - in actuality the local star. This perception should be the beginning point of all policy regarding our life on this planet.If we are to survive we must understand what it means to be managers or custodians of a planet as a whole system.

All policy planning should be based on a consideration of the interaction of the various spheres and systems of the Earth in light of the transition to the noosphere. The UN as a comprehensive organization should be setting a referendum for planetary management on this basis. And if it cannot do that, it should seek out those who are capable of thinking and acting in a disinterested way on behalf of the planet as a whole system, and from this group create a Planetary Whole System Management Council. A definition and system of planetary or global management that is based on a comprehension of the planetary whole system design science must be evolved rapidly.

Design simply means to establish applicable management policies based upon the planetary whole system model. This, of course, means descaling the political systems approach, and finding a larger more coherent means of organizing social norms to be more in conformity with the bioregional orders or biomes. Documents such as the Earth Charter (, or the Noo-Constitution of the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly ( exist to facilitate the formation of a Planetary Whole System Management Council, while initiatives such as the Club of Budapest WorldShift 2012 ( have already been undertaken which can be consulted and utilized in the development of a new orientation and program for establishing policies of global rather than corporate or nationalistic interest.

We must come to understand how our whole biological and thinking apparatus is intimately connected with the Earth, the lithosphere – water, the hydrosphere- air, the atmosphere – all of life, the biosphere – and how our thinking is connected to the magnetosphere and most importantly, how our intelligence and consciousness are unified in the noosphere.However, it is also evident that is not possible to attain such a restructuring according to these principles until the present world order is dramatically transformed.

Given the failure of the Copenhagen Conference, it appears that only a further aggravated crisis, global in nature, will bring us to a point of becoming selfless and rational in how we go about the business of taking care of our cosmic time ship, for we are not only orbiting in space but evolving in time. In advance of such a catastrophic moment it would be wise to have in place a Planetary Whole System Management Council.

In this light, one further premise must be expressed, and that is the imminent inevitability of the shift to the noosphere. This appears to be the actual meaning of the controversial date 21-12-2012. Rather than think that this premise is far fetched or absurd, it is better to be prepared, for given the current rate of acceleration of critical factors such as ice cap melt, there is no telling really when the catastrophic moment will be upon us, hence the proposal for a global management council based on the principles of a Planetary Whole System Design Science.

The creation of such a council and subsequent policies for the restructuring of human society must be built around a clear understanding of the noosphere.

In consideration of the biosphere noosphere transition, we again must emphasize that the Earth’s electromagnetic field – magnetosphere – is a medium and conductor of intelligence, both planetary and extra-terrestrial. This is due to the activating and unifying aspect of the electromagnetic field in keeping the planetary system in a condition of dynamic and cosmic balance in relation to the sun, the solar system and the cosmos in general. We are now on the verge of becoming planetary citizens operating in a field of cosmic intelligence.

Planetary Whole System Management Council and the Context for Global Climate Policy Changes

Since the human capacity for altering itself and its environment resides in its creative, scientific thinking processes, we must understand that human thought itself has become a geological force, reshaping the dynamics governing the Earth as a whole system. This realization must be the starting point of our “growing up” as a species and envisioning a response to the global crisis that, while based on an assessment and evaluation of local/national/bioregional resources and economic structures, does this in a context of scientifically objective whole system comprehension.

To facilitate the creation of the Planetary Whole System Management Council, we need to define the terms as well as the context for global climate policy changes.

The planetary whole system design science is presented systematically in a manner that defines whole system terms solely to create an enlarged framework for understanding global climate change and enhancing the potential for fresh envisioning of the kind of policies that might be creatively drawn up in response to the crisis.

First of all we must understand the actual triggering event phenomenon:

The whole system principle of the biosphere, and the fundamental premise and principle of geochemical change – the biosphere-noosphere transition.

In the whole system approach you cannot explain a phenomenon without defining or describing its medium as well. Life cannot be defined apart from the geochemical processes of the environment in which it flourishes. This totality of life and its web of relations within the inorganic cycles and systems that support it constitute the biosphere. Furthermore, when we speak of life, we speak of it in the most general sense as living matter. The evolution of living matter has its climax in the appearance of the human species, in which two qualities are paramount: Planetary extensiveness through a superior adaptability to virtually any climate - and intelligence, the thinking element which, turned into technology, reorders the environment.

In geochemistry, the principle task is the study of equilibrium systems resulting from the (chemical) element’s migrations. These systems can always be expressed in terms of mechanics, and in the form of dynamic and static systems, those of atomic equilibria. The laws of equilibrium, of homogenous and non-homogenous systems of any kind of bodies, embrace the whole of geochemistry. (Vernadsky, Geochemistry, p.54)

It is important to grasp the degree to which the human organism has upset the planetary geochemical equilibrium. Particularly in the last 260 years, with the acceleration of the phenomenon of industrialization, as the impact of human thought – formulated as the laws of science and technology – radically reshaped the environment and brought about the global crisis of climate change.

Industrialization is a new element in the biosphere that greatly intensifies the migration of chemical elements such as carbon dioxide - while upsetting the equilibrium of homogenous and non-homogenous systems. The sum effect of human thought and its extensions upon the whole system of the Earth is on the order of bringing about an entirely new geological era – the noosphere.

In affecting change of such proportions, we must enlarge the understanding of the role of human thought as a semantic field of universal consciousness that, having operated in the collective unconscious, is now coming to the surface as the collective conscious - the noosphere – the thinking or mental layer of the planet. Having the effect of being a geological force, though thus far without regard to the whole system of which it is a function – the thinking element has now come to be such a major force, that it is precipitating a new stage in the evolution of life. In this new phase, the thinking element becomes rationally and logically aligned to its elevated whole system purpose, resulting in a consequent reordering of human society, known as the noosphere.

The period prior to the attainment of the noosphere referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition, is characterized by two factors:

1. The crisis of the biosphere due to the geochemical or biogeochemical disequilibrium resulting from the effect of human thought and civilization upon the environment – or as AL Gore puts it, “We are witnessing a collision between civilization and the earth.” And,

2. The development of a worldwide network of virtually instantaneous, ever accelerating communications information technology – the cybersphere. Laptop computers, the Internet, mobile phone, social networking, video and television, etc. create a psychic and social effect analogous to the exponential increase of the accelerated carbon dioxide introduced into the atmosphere. As with global climate change so with the communications technology:We are witnessing a social implosion where we are no longer able to keep up with, much less assess, the effects of every new technological innovation on our psyche and social life, which are already spinning out of control.

The sum effect of these two accelerating factors precipitates the global crisis. The inability of the human to do anything about climate change is the more or less externalized symptom of the inability of the human to control the chaos of its own social and inner life, which further manifests in the increase in random violence, terrorism, war and social insecurity in general. In this way we can see how, within the biosphere and its geochemical processes, the human element has brought about a crisis so immense, both external to itself as well as within its own psyche and social order, that it is difficult to grasp its entire nature much less its consequences.

Conclusion:Planetary Culture and Sacred Order

In the whole system analysis the two factors bringing about the global crisis are inseparable. You cannot deal with the issue of global climate change as if it were a political football apart from the degenerative process of the human social order that sustains the consumer philosophy and its unjust division of the world into rich nation-poor nation. Both aspects of the crisis are thoroughly enmeshed in profit technologies. This is precisely why a whole system analysis is necessary through the creation of a Planetary Whole System Management Council.

Such a Council would, first of all, have to create a comprehensive analysis that integrates the causes of environmental deterioration with specific social factors and mechanisms of the dominant human planetary society.Simultaneously it would have to provide an equally comprehensive social analysis with concrete recommendations for a species wide reform that would decrease the causes of climate change while at the same time eliminating the inequalities and injustices within human society that contribute to or aggravate the over-all global crisis.

In making these assessments it must be borne in mind that it is the human species alone that is responsible for the rape and pillage of the environment as well as perpetrating violence of every kind against itself. In other words the human species is engendering an immense corruption of the Earth as well as of its own soul. What is the core malaise or cause of this unfortunate condition?

Looking at the matter more deeply we cannot escape the conviction that there is an underlying moral or even theological issue so immense that it may seem well nigh impossible to breach the gulf between the human moral disorder and correcting its course in time to ward off certain catastrophe. Yes, the root cause of the global crisis is a moral disconnect of the human psyche from the human soul. Where once the world was bound in a vision of sacred order, it now tumbles in an ever more profane chaos. Nonetheless, the heroic alternative of attempting to deal with the crisis above and beyond the political stalemate is imperative if we are to see our way to a planetary whole system design solution.

A whole system solution and vision for a new alternative future reality also needs to be articulated. Such a vision and solution must be defined by addressing first of all the moral-spiritual disconnect in the human psyche that allowed the crisis to evolve to the imminently catastrophic moment we now find ourselves in. Unless we can identify that point of disconnect and integrate the lost part of ourselves into a vision of what we might yet become, we will never succeed in finding a solution.

From the whole system design perspective the human species is a single entity, a planetary membrane for expressing a higher cosmic intelligence. The organization of the human species as it grew topsy-turvy through the historical cycle has resulted in a massive disorganization that emphasizes competing self-interests, and, through social networking, a massive glorification of the ego. In this mental environment it is virtually impossible to think globally much less comprehend that we actually are planetary organisms. To divest the human species of the limiting disabilities of nationalism and materialism is the task of super conscious super heroes. Let us not flinch from making the effort.

First, let it be asserted that we are not merely materialist homo economicus, we are also beings who live in a spiritual dimension as well. In fact, it is the spiritual dimension and spiritual intelligence that sets us apart as a cosmic species.

The spiritual dimension is universal. It runs throughout the universe as a layer of the universal mind. The spiritual dimension also defines reality as a sacred order, a realm completely invested with spiritual power or energy. True spirituality does not separate the life of the everyday world from the exalted truths of divine revelation. In true spirituality everything is sacred.

The profane world of the 21st century seeks to separate religion and spirituality from everyday reality, politics and science, and is essentially in disregard of the spiritual dimension. This is why the present day world is in such trouble, for it will not even admit that the disconnection with the spiritual dimension and its inherently sacred view has anything to do with its problems. Why were there no spiritual leaders at the Copenhagen Conference? Treating global climate change solely as a political problem only increases the profanity of the world order.

When whole tribes of Indigenous commit suicide in the Amazon it is because they see no defense against an “enemy” that completely disregards and discounts the spiritual dimension of reality. At least four to five billion humans still hold to religious or spiritual beliefs of some kind, and despite the headline grabbing attention of a few fanatical or fundamentalist elements, the fact is that without the great spiritual teachers in the cycle of human history bringing the transcendental unitive vision in whatever manner or form, that humanity would be no more than a colony of ants – but even ants are more respectful of each other!

If we do not take the unitive spiritual vision into account as a fundamental aspect of our nature and therefore a cornerstone of our decision making process, we will fail in our responsibility as total planetary humans. Political decisions are despiritualized decisions and it is no wonder that the Copenhagen Conference failed. In fact the collapse of Copenhagen was the final failure of global technological civilization – and the death-knell of historical man.

In creating the vision of a future in which the human is reintegrated not only into the environment but into the spiritual dimension of universal reality, one other politically disregarded element must be taken into account and that is the dimension of art. Through aboriginal and much of historical society, art has always been allied to spirituality as the expressive voice of the spirit moving through humanity.Through art spiritual truths were able to establish a vision of the human as an integral component of a sacred cosmic vision. Spirituality and art must be the cornerstones of a new vision of planetary culture. Economics must take its place as being at the service of human spiritual and creative self-betterment.

We are not talking about a promotion of the arts or a funding of the arts to make a better community, much as that is also needed, but a fundamental value change where art has a greater priority than economics. We are talking about a shift from the philosophy of time is money – the backbone of homo economicus – but to that of time is art. This also implies a shift from artificial mechanistic time that now dominates all of life, to a return to living according to the natural cycles of universal time, the time by which everything in the universe is synchronized to a grand harmony, the music of the spheres.

When such a shift in values occurs – aided by a change in the everyday programming device from an irregular 12-month calendar to a harmonic and even measure of thirteen 28-day months – then our life priorities will also shift.In light of the damage inflicted upon the environment over the past two centuries, we could see a marriage of art, the environment and a new spirituality creating the vision of Earth transformed into a work of art. Society would be organized accordingly and the broad canvas of the human imagination, long fettered by enslavement to money and jobs of little redeeming spiritual value, could now become the collective planetary masterpiece of countless individuals worldwide working in harmony to create the greatest work of art there ever was – Earth itself, the glowing jewel of the solar system!!

These concerns and proposals are meant to be placed on the table of a Planetary Whole System Management Council and provide the matrix of comprehension for envisioning a noospheric society. Yet, it may also be that the noosphere will not come about solely by planning and thinking about it – which are necessary to prepare humanity for a great change and to prove that humanity is actually capable of thinking in this way- but that it may manifest through some unprecedented or unimaginable shift in consciousness, what Sri Aurobindo described as a supramental descent.

History is strewn with examples of descents of knowledge – revelations, if you will - that often take the form of sacred texts – the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, the Quran - to name some of the most notable. However we wish to explain them, such texts have their origin in a realm beyond the ordinary consciousness, a higher dimension.Such revelations are not restricted solely to the spiritual dimension as such.Commonplace conventions such as fire or the wheel – how did these come about? Not to mention scientific breakthroughs like the theory of relativity, about which Einstein said there is no logical way to these discoveries, there is only the way of intuition.

Finally, there are the great shifts or mutations in history or even evolution such as the rise of language, the concept of earth burial, or even the emergence of the expressive arts, not to mention the shift to agriculture, or even the industrial revolution. Such shifts involve some kind of shift in consciousness. Even notions such as a zeitgeist – a spirit of the times - implies some kind of field of consciousness that arises in numerous sites at the same time. Is there not some larger governing factor that organizes the great shifts in our evolution, especially pertaining to our consciousness, some kind of super mind or noosphere?

“The transition from mind to supermind is not only the substituting of a greater instrument of thought and knowledge, but a change and conversion of the whole consciousness.” (Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga p.795).

We may also then envision the emergence of the Noosphere as a descent of a higher and greater consciousness – a supramental descent – long anticipated by various factors in our historical process over the last five thousand years. But the shift to the noosphere will be a conscious planetary phenomenon unlike any other planetary event horizon. It will set the stage for a sequence in our evolution as distinct from the cycle of history as the rise of urban life was distinct from living in caves.

With the advent of the Noosphere we encounter an integration of intelligence – a semantic field of universal consciousness – that is collective and telepathic in nature and in which there is an overall integration of art and spirituality as a mode of higher consciousness. Such changes we may anticipate or predict, but we cannot really know qualitatively what they will be like, for we are dealing with a whole other state of consciousness altogether different from the individualized competitive consciousness that dominates the age of the cybersphere.

In dealing with the potential of the noosphere as a supramental descent, we are also talking about the liberation of the human spirit and imagination accompanied by a commonly perceived reflex knowing that our species is a planetary organism operating within a planetary whole system. In this way we may be prepared to at least communicate with other higher intelligences that pervade the cosmos with its ten billion galaxies, each with its ten billion stars and star systems.

We owe it to ourselves as a species in this moment of ultimate crisis to rise to such a vision. Taking note of where we are in the end game of the historical process, analyzing the failure of civilization in light of the inability to perceive and make decisions based upon a planetary whole system design science, we may rethink our role and place in nature, and prepare our consciousness for the advent of the noosphere.

There is no other time like the present to begin this process.
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