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KIN 11  
解放 溶かす 解き放つ
liberation dissolve release
魔術 遊ぶ 幻想
magic plays illusion


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KIN 223 青い月の夜
挑戦 極性を与える 安定させる
challenge polarize stabilize
豊かさ 夢見る 直観
abundance dreams intuition
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Announcing: New!
KIN 153 赤い惑星の空歩く者 リズムの月(10) 21:14:42 2009年12月22日
Warm greetings to everyone,We are pleased to announce the launching of a brand new!Galactic Culture is knocking at the door, and Cosmic Civilization is out there waiting.Come and explore the ne...
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World Financial Crisis &#8
KIN 251 青い自己存在の猿 自己存在の月(9) 19:01:23 2008年10月26日
World Financial Crisis – The View from 2012“And if you have means and wealth, and you hear these words, or have explained to you the curse of 12:60 time and the blessing of 13:20 time, then do not...
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Valum Votan, Blog Crystal Moon
KIN 104 黄色い宇宙の種 水晶の月(3) 22:53:59 2008年6月1日
Valum Votan, Blog Crystal Moon 3, Kin 104 Yellow Cosmic SeedWE HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME!Last night I listened to the evening world news report. From one point of view It was alarming. The report was actually on ...
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Noosphere Blog for sentient be
KIN 47 青い銀河の手 惑星の月(2) 13:30:39 2008年4月5日
Noosphere Blog for sentient beingsWhen we think of the noosphere we think of the mind of the earth. We ususally think it is only humans who have this mind. But even on this earth we are not alone. Who else o...
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We have been in Japan almost 2
KIN 20 黄色い共振の太陽 太陽の月(3) 13:17:08 2008年3月9日
We have been in Japan almost 2 weeks. We came here to make an opening for the noosphere. This is Jose's 10th visit to Japan in 13 years. Like the rest of the world, Japan is only going faster. Along wit...
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Human Consciousness and Global
KIN 10 白い惑星の犬 銀河の月(21) 07:10:26 2008年2月27日
The following document about the noosphere is in preparation for our visit.This short document introduces "noosphere" in relation to global warming/ climate change, a very important point.Thank you...
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Here is brief message
KIN 6 白いリズムの世界の橋渡し 銀河の月(17) 12:03:04 2008年2月23日
Dear Yanase-san,Konichi- wa!We are now down to the last minute getting ready for our trip. We are very exctied to comet to Japan. There is a Big messsge for all of us during this time we will be in Japan. Be...
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about Mr.Hayao Kawai
KIN 51 青い水晶の猿 宇宙の月(27) 11:21:40 2007年7月23日
The passing of Mr. Hayao Kawai is a profound reminder of the continued need to build bridges of greater understanding among all peoples and traditions in this world. With his reputation as a Jungian scholar ...
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New Sirius Cycle 1.19. 8.13, k
KIN 157 赤い磁気の地球 銀河の月(13) 20:10:36 2007年2月19日
New Sirius Cycle 1.19. 8.13, kin 157Day 209 of Kin 209 yearDateline New Zealand.“Aotearoa “is the Maori name for New Zealand. That means “the Long White Cloud.” You can see that cloud, often early in the...
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Blog, Valum Votan, dateline Wh
KIN 90 白い水晶の犬 リズムの月(2) 17:43:37 2006年12月14日
This planet is a very unusual place. Take Istanbul. For more than ten centuries it was the second capitol of the Roman Empire, which had become the Byzantine Empire – until it was conqueredby the O...
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Blog from Votan
KIN 36 黄色い惑星の戦士 自己存在の月(4) 07:14:51 2006年10月21日
This morning we are sitting at yet another Latin American Internet Cafe. This one is in the town of La Serena on the North Central Pacific Coast of Chile. We are facing the ocean. As with most mornings here,...
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The Second Planetary Congress
KIN 13 赤い宇宙の空歩く者 電気の月(9) 01:51:05 2006年9月28日
Happy birthday Yanase Crystal Human - here is blog:The Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights; the work of transition to the noosphere has just begun. Thanks to the six representatives from Russia, a...
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It is now the first day of the
KIN 6 白いリズムの世界の橋渡し 電気の月(2) 06:08:29 2006年9月21日
It is now the first day of the Electric Moon, Red Overtone Serpent. In two days the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights will begin. Despite many challenges, everything is coming together, though w...
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Blog number 2 from Jose Arguel
KIN 237 赤い電気の地球 月の月(1) 19:19:11 2006年8月23日
It is the first day of the Lunar Scorpion Moon ofChallenge, around 8 in the morning. I am sitting atthe writing table of a room in the Dunedin City Hotel,in the heart of downtown Dunedin. Most people havepro...
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First BLOG
KIN 201 赤いリズムの竜 宇宙の月(22) 10:24:06 2006年7月18日
Cosmic Moon 22, Kin 201,13 Seed yearFirst BlogIt has been two weeks (heptads) to the day since Stephanie Red Queen and Iarrived in New Zealand. In Maori langauge New Zealand is Aotearoa whichmeanss "Lan...
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